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The CFA Course

Everything about CFA Course and CFA Exam.

RBeI is providing CFA program coaching classes since 2018. We have completed over 27 batches of Course with an exceptional success rate. We are choice of students because we understand the needs and demands of our students. We invent things to make the course easy and more productive for our students.

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Answer to all your doubts about CFA program

What is CFA Course ?

Let's understand why and how it is the best course in Finance.

CFA Course Details

The Financial Analyst Federation (FAF) was established in 1947. They later founded Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst (ICFA) in 1962. Then the 1st CFA Exam was conducted in USA and Canada in 1963 by ICFA.

The CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research) merged with the FAF and the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA) in 1990 to boost financial education.

As per latest report, 167,000 students appeared in CFA Exam in 2019 from 164 countries.

Registration Eligibility

Normally, student from any academic background or stream can join the CFA course. Following are minimum eligibility criteria:

CFA Program Since 1963

Preparation for GARP FRM Course

Feb-May-Aug-Nov 2021 Exam

Level 1 of CFA Course

Level 1 in CFA course is introductory level. You learn basics of financial analysis.

May-Aug 2021 Exam

Level 2 of CFA Course

Level 2 of CFA Program is advance level of all the financial analysis concepts.

May-Nov 2021 Exam

Level 3 of CFA Course

Level 3 in CFA course is more about portfolio management and application of all the concepts.

CFA Course Exams

There are 3 CFA levels / Exams in CFA course. You need to pass all of them one by one. It is known for highest ethical standards.

Level 1: This is the introductory level, you learn 10 subjects like Economics, Equity Investments, Fixed income, Financial Reporting and others.

It is conducted four times a year in May, July, August and November.

Level 2: This is advance level, same 10 subjects but with more advance concepts and applications. It will be now conducted twice per year. In 2021 CFA Level 2 will be conducted in May and August.

Level 3: You have only 6 subjects in this level. Same old subjects but now focus is on portfolio management and investment decision with high ethics. CFA level 3 Exam will be conducted in May and November from 2021.

CFA Exam Registration Date & Fee

CFA Institute provides you three registration dates for each exam. If you register early it will cost you less.

Below fee is for CFA Exam May 2021 and July 2021 CFA Exam.

Standard-May Early-July Standard-July
23rd February 10th March 20th April
Program Enrollment $450 $450 $450
Exam Registration $1000 $700 $1000
Total $1450 $1150 $1450

For CFA Level 1 and Level 3 you have to pay only exam fee not program enrollment fee. Remember, early registration cost you less.

CFA Exam Pattern

It's one day exam for each level. CFA Institute will be conducting computer based test - CBT from 2021.

Level 1: There will be 90 questions, all multiple choice (MCQ) in morning session and 90 questions in afternoon. There is still no negative marking. You get 2 hours 15 minutes in each session.

Level 2: It is again conducted in two sessions. Each session has 10-12 small case studies (vignettes). Each vignettes has 4-6 question. However, Maximum total questions are 44 in morning and 44 in after noon session. There are 3 marks for each question. You'll have 2 hours and 15 minutes in each session. Level 2 exam will be also CBT.

Level 3: You have 8-11 Essay type subjective questions in the morning session. Later in afternoon you have 44 multiple type questions in vignettes format with no negative marking. You have same time in each session and it's is also CBT.

CFA Subjects never changed in last 10 years. However, There are small changes in the cfa course syllabus and subject wise weightage every year.


CFA Course Syllabus

CFA course syllabus is decided by Cbok (candidate body of knowledge). During one day exam questions from all subject are asked in the paper. CFA course syllabus assigns subjects wise weightage in the question paper.

Subject Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Ethical And Professional Standards15-20%10-15%10-15%
Quantitative Methods8-12%5-10%0
Financial Reporting and Analysis13-17%10-15%0
Corporate Finance8-12%5-10%0
Equity Investments10-12%10-15%10-15%
Fixed Income10-12%10-15%15-20%
Alternative Investments5-8%5-10%5-10%
Portfolio Management5-8%10-15%35-40%

CFA Exams Locations

There are currently 200+ CFA exam locations worldwide.
CFA exam is conducted in 10 cities in India: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune.

However, this is subject to change. Kindly check the center during CFA exam registration.

Value of CFA Course in India

CFA Job Profiles

Job Profiles Ratio %
Investment and Fund Management22%
Finanacial Reporting12%
Investment Banking10%
Wealth Management6%
Equity Research6%
Risk Management6%
Corporate Banking4%
Management Consultancy4%
Fixed Income or Bonds4%
Hedge Funds3%

Top Companies Hiring CFA

What is CFA Charter?

CFA Charter a credential/designation, this is awarded to candidates who have passed all three levels of CFA program and holds experience of minimum four years in investment and finance profile.

After Passing CFA course all three levels, you have to apply for CFA charter with 2-3 professional references.

Once you are a CFA charter you can use it as credential or designation before your name.

It doesn't have any statutory right in India like CA or CS. However, as per the SEBI guideline if you start your Advisory or Portfolio Management Services, CFA qualification is considered to get SEBI licence.

Is CFA Charter a degree?

Often CFA charter is misunderstood as a Master Degree like MBA. It's not a master degree in India.
It's a professional credential that demonstrates your expertise in equity analysis and portfolio management.
Normally, in MBA program you learn business administration and in cfa course you learn financial analysis.
A lot of people after MBA, CA, ACCA or CPA also pursue CFA to become expert in financial analysis, it holds great value in industry.

Few companies our students are placed

It all happened because efforts and dedication of students.


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