Mr. Rupendra has been an educationist since he was a high school student himself. In professional capacity, he has been imparting education in field of Accounts. He is a very passionate teacher and strongly believes in training and imparting knowledge. He has many students who look-up to him as a mentor and not only as a teacher. He believes that teaching is not only an art but a science too and hence his approach is very methodical. Technique of approach the subject matter, in-depth knowledge of the subject, guidelines for preparation at examination, scientific & simplistic presentation of such a difficult subject is immensely popular among students fraternity.




For Class 11
Trial Balance
Bank Reconciliation Statement

For Class 12
Admission of Partner
Profit Sharing Ratio

By coming Sunday we will upload

For Class 11
Rectification of Error
Bills of Exchange
For Class 12
Accounting for partnership basic Concepts
Retirement/Death of Partner